Synbiotic 365

Synbiotic 365 is one of the best digestive health products that include a mixture of probiotics, prebiotics, and Group B vitamins. This product is a 3 in 1 probiotic product that intends to replenish the intestinal flora that maintains the digestive tract.

United Naturals, a Canadian digestive health company, formulated the product. The company says its product is made from mindfully researched ingredients that can assist digestive function.

Along with digestive health, Synbiotic 365 can help customers to overcome vitamin B deficiency. It can also help reduce cravings and relieve bloating.

The inspiration behind this product was that the founder’s loved one had digestive problems. After extensive research, the founder worked with doctors and launched this excellent supplement.

The Working Process Of Synbiotic 365

This 3-in-1 probiotic can stimulate the intestinal flora, which usually maintains digestive health. These beneficial bacteria are suppressed by poor eating habits and smoking.

Since probiotics have been effectively used as replacements for intestinal bacteria for years, this formulation is necessary. One Synbiotic 365 capsule comprises 20 billion CFUs, which makes the dosage very strong and there are no side effects.

The formulation consists of 15 probiotic strains. Each of these strains is claimed to have been extensively researched to support the health benefits of the digestive system. The strains are also suggested to have health benefits against allergies and resistance.

In addition to probiotics, the prebiotic inulin product is packaged from the chicory root. This ingredient is a source of tissue that can aid reduce hunger attacks. Vitamins B1 to B9 are also included in the Synbiotic 365 blend to correct vitamin B deficiency. Finally, Synbiotic 365 contains rice bowl concentrate and hypromellose as inactive ingredients.

What Exactly Synbiotic 365 Is?

United Naturals professes Synbiotic 365 reduces digestive problems and bloating with a blend of prebiotics, probiotics, and B vitamins.

Probiotics are the good bacteria that reside in the intestine. Prebiotics are a form of fiber that assists as a food source for probiotics and boost their effectiveness.

Both can offer a wide range of health benefits in terms of digestion, immunity, weight loss, and much more. Symbiotic supplements comprise of the prebiotics and probiotics because their combined effects can offer even greater benefits.

In this article, we’ll look at the science behind Synbiotic 365’s ingredient list to see if this supplement can help ease your digestive symptoms.

Primary Synbiotic 365 Ingredients

Some of the main ingredients of this supplement are as follows:

  • Thiamine (Vitamin B1): This vitamin transpires naturally in food, but the amount we use can be enhanced by taking supplements. According to studies by the American Society for Microbiology, it can promote a healthy metabolism in the gut, and hence promote cell growth, development, and functionality.
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2): This element is also found in food and is an extremely significant component of two essential coenzymes FMN and FAD. These enzymes can be involved in energy production, growth and development, cell function, and metabolism of medications, steroids, and fats, as explained in an article by the Office of Dietary Supplements on the website.
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3): Niacin is another vital Vitamin B when it is converted to NAD in the body, a coenzyme that is later converted to NADP. NAD and NADP may be required for redox metabolic processes, as suggested in an article in Advances in Nutrition.
  • Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6): As a coenzyme, this vitamin plays an essential role in various enzyme reactions, as outlined in an article in the journal Cells. It is mainly related to protein metabolism.
  • Folate (vitamin B9): This vitamin acts as a co-substrate and coenzyme in the synthesis of nucleic acids, RNA, and DNA. It is also linked to amino acid metabolism, as suggested in an overview in the Biochemical Journal.

Synbiotic 365 works with a Canadian-American company popular as United Naturals with the support of Dr. Done and operated by Vincent Pedre.

It’s an over-the-counter journal, a prebiotic and probiotic supplement with B vitamins and additional fiber.

The focus is to alleviate “constructive gas and digestive problems” and the desire to smoke.

The Synbiotic 365 Functionality

  • Group B vitamins nourish and support cells, boost red blood cells, improve energy levels, promote digestion and regulate appetite.
  • Inulin feeds probiotics and assists them to thrive and grow. It also reduces blood sugar and helps reduce cravings and abdominal fat.
  • Probiotics strengthen the immune system, fight infection, and disease.
  • Probiotics (good bacteria) block bad bacteria from entering the intestine.
  • Probiotics (especially Lactobacillus gasseri) help in reducing the abdominal fat.
  • Probiotics (especially Bifidobacterium longum) reduce depression and anxiety and hence promote a pleasant sleep.
  • Probiotics restore balance in the intestine, diminish gas, and contribute to a flatter (and more comfortable) section.
Product NameSynbiotic 365
UseEase Digestive Issues
CountryUSA and Canada
Recommended Dose1 Capsule/Day
Side Effects FrequenecyVery Rare

The Synbiotic 365 Dosage

Consume one capsule with water every day.

If desired, you can increase your dose to two capsules per day. However, this means that it’s packaging only lasts 15 days, which increases the cost of additional use. Also, consulting the doctor before consuming the supplement is a must to make sure that the ingredients used in the preparation formula are suitable for your body.

The Functions Of Synbiotic 365

Some of the primary functions of this supplement are as follows:

  • Enhances digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Lessens gases, cramps, constipation issues, etc.
  • It helps with the symptoms of diseases such as IBS, diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, liver disease, etc.
  • Efficiently reduces inflammation throughout the body
  • It improves immune function and stewards 70% of your immune response.
  • Build an acidic environment in the intestine so that bad bacteria cannot survive.
  • Regulates women’s health by balancing hormones and supporting healthy vaginal flora, preventing bacterial vaginosis.
  • It stimulates the composition of vitamins such as B12 and K for the production of energy, as well as healthy hair, healthy skin, and healthy nails.

Synbiotic 365 Prebiotics

As previously mentioned, prebiotics feeds probiotics and give the energy needed to flourish, offering you as many health benefits as possible. The prebiotic in Synbiotic 365 is inulin from chicory root. It is a type of fiber that comes from the roots of the chicory plant indigenous to north-western Europe.

Chicory root inulin has a sweet taste and is frequently used in some foods as a replacement for fats and sugar as it can puff up and add extra fiber without extra calories. It is unconditionally safe to consume and an excellent option to complement the mix of probiotics, prebiotics, and vitamins in this supplement.

Synbiotic 365 by United Naturals is an exceptional probiotic formula that is brought into introduction by Dr. Vincent Pedre, a certified physician and founder of Pedre Integrative Health.

Dr. Pedre is considered one of the leading experts in gut health and has been featured widely on Good Morning America and Doctor Oz television shows. After graduating with honors from Cornell University in Miami, he graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine.

His holistic medical approach, spanning over 20 years of medical experience, has now become digestive and intestinal health, from which the well-known Synbiotic 365 probiotic preparation emerged.

Cost Of Synbiotic 365

Users can purchase Synbiotic 365 directly from

Consumers can choose from one box (30 servings for $ 45), three boxes (90 servings for $ 119), and six boxes (180 servings for $ 229). Prices are moderate, mainly due to the 3-in-1 formula. Often $ 45 reflects the inclusion of one or two of the three components contained in this supplement. As a result, consumers seem to be getting value for their money to a great extent. Thus, it can be said that this supplement is quite cheaper as compared to various other similar supplements available in the market.

Also, it has delivered the best results to the consumers.

Synbiotic 365 Customer Support

It is also easy to contact the company by phone or email:

Telephone Number: 1- (844) -794-7728

Email: Contact form on the official website of or via [email protected]

Are There Any Side Effects Of  Synbiotic 365?

Probiotics alone is a safe supplement without giving your body any sort of undesired reactions.

However, Synbiotic 365 contains other vitamins and minerals that can give a different image.

For example, thiamine and niacin can cause side effects like sweating, nausea, and itching.

The doses of these vitamins seem to be slightly above the recommended daily allowance. Therefore, it is worth consulting your doctor for advice on dosage and analyzing the risk of side effects.

Probiotics can cause side effects in people who are not used to causing side effects.

However, these side effects may go away as soon as your intestine gets used to the new routine.

Some possible side effects of consuming the supplements are:

  • Gas.
  • Swelling.
  • Digestive problems like diarrhea or constipation.

How Does Synbiotic 365 Deal With Allergies?

According to Probiotics, who spoke to the founder of Synbiotic 365, the supplement is considered gluten-free, safe for people diagnosed with the celiac condition, milk and lactose-free, GMO-free, and no trace of eggs, nuts, or soy.

Should I Try Synbiotic 365?

Although Synbiotic 365 Advanced Formula comprises of the prebiotics and probiotics in addition to B vitamins, consumers should also consider a healthy lifestyle. For example, foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, tempeh, and miso are good sources of probiotics, while vegetables and whole grains contain prebiotics. Group B vitamins are found in almost all food groups, that includes meat, whole grains, nuts, and vegetables.

In the end, relying on the supplement will not be enough or healthy. It is considered harmful simply because too much of something can be bad. The consumers are highly recommended to take care of their diet and exercise regularly to make sure that they are able to get the best results by this supplement.

Why Synbiotic 365?

Gut flora studies have shown that the imbalance can lead to food cravings, inconsistent energy levels, and digestive issues, which are frequently embarrassing and can seriously limit what you can and cannot do as a person.

The mixture contained in a single capsule is taken once a day and gives the following advantages to the consumers:

  • Improves and supports the digestive function to a good extent.
  • Complementing a possible vitamin B deficiency.
  • Relieve swelling.
  • Restore the balance of the intestinal flora.
  • Gives the best possible results without any side effects and at a very low price as compared to other supplements.

Synbiotic 365 has been delivering the best results. This supplement is prepared from the high-quality ingredients that are tested and clinically proven in various researches.

Synbiotic 365 is free from products like gluten, dairy, eggs, soy or nuts, or genetically modified organisms, making it a viable option for those who cannot consume these products. It is also said to be free of a large number of allergens and is considered a safe product for normal people.

Pros Of Synbiotic 365

Synbiotic 365 offers great advantages that are listed below:

  • An improved lifestyle with a stable internal flora.
  • Long-lasting relief from swelling.
  • 15 strands of probiotics, one prebiotic, and eight essential B vitamins.
  • A $ 30 discount if a friend refers you.
  • Additional $ 30 for the next pack for each friend they refer to when they make their first purchase.
  • Discount when ordering additional boxes.
  • Refund policy for dissatisfied customers.

Some drawbacks of the supplement are as follows:

  • The possibility of the product not working and causing more swelling.
  • The product can be purchased from the official websites of Amazon and eBay. However, this may also affect your eligibility for reimbursement.
  • The appearance of one or more side effects can cause serious symptoms. Thus, consulting the doctor before consuming the same is strongly recommended.
  • Limited product reviews.
  • The advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages, but this presupposes that the desired results are achieved.
  • Some people may find the price a bit high as compared to other products.

Synbiotic 365 is a high-quality probiotic that can ease problems like gas and other uncomfortable digestive problems. This product can assist to balance your intestinal flora and get rid of the cravings that make you overeat. The supplement comprises of probiotics and prebiotics. The product uses only organic ingredients and is very rich in vitamin B

This supplement comprises of 3 components: prebiotics, probiotics, and Vitamin B. Probiotics are strains of bacteria that are advantageous for digestive function and stimulate the immune system.

You may be wondering what is the difference between pre and probiotics. Prebiotics serves as food for the correct probiotics to consume and enhance intestine functionality. This unique combination offers and retains useful probiotics in your system and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Of course, it’s noteworthy to remember that other fruits, vegetables, and grains can act as prebiotics for probiotics to help them thrive on their diet.

Synbiotic 365 can be acquired from the United Naturals official website. You could also find it on Amazon and eBay so you can find and order the product online.

Each box contains 30 tablets and is to be consumed daily. It should take about a month for you to complete a box.

Synbiotic 365 is available at the top end of the market, along with many other symbiotic products that cost around half the price, but they’re certainly not much effective.

Synbiotic 365 is a 3 in 1 probiotic supplement that is introduced by the United Naturals. The intention behind this supplement is to assist the consumers who have or have digestive issues(eg. gas, stomach pain, diarrhea, gas, etc.). By consuming the Synbiotic 365, consumers can expect a balanced intestinal flora, stifled desire, and a clean energy source.

Synbiotic 365

Synbiotic 365 is one of the best and the safe digestive health products that contains a mixture of probiotics, prebiotics, along with Vitamin B. This product is a 3 in 1 probiotic product that focuses on helping the consumers to get rid of their digestive problems.

United Naturals, a Canadian digestive health company, introduced the product in the market. The company says its product is made from carefully researched ingredients that can aid digestive function.

In addition to digestive health, Synbiotic 365 can also help the consumers to get of various issues like Vitamin B deficiency. The supplement comprises Vitamin B in abundance which is one of the most important elements for the body to ensure proper functionality.

Synbiotic 365 by United Naturals is an advanced probiotic formula that is prepared by Dr. Vincent Pedre, a certified physician and founder of Pedre Integrative Health.

Why Is Synbiotic 365 A 3 In 1 Supplement?

In addition to probiotics, the preparation formula of Synbiotic 365 also comprises of prebiotics and Vitamin B. Prebiotics are classified as a type of fiber and are generally made from various vegetables and whole foods, such as bananas, garlic, whole grains, and asparagus.

They are also food for probiotics, since the latter feed on the former due to their toxic nature. These fuels, which are available to probiotics, must empower them, which is essential in the fight against evil.

Then there is the Vitamin B that are known to help the body break down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, ensuring that the digestive system works properly. They are also significant in keeping healthy cholesterol levels. Interestingly, B vitamins are also believed to be produced by gut microbiota. They are said to contribute to metabolism to a good extent. Therefore Synbiotic 365 contains a group of Vitamins B if the intestine is unbalanced and cannot produce vitamins.

The Product Formula

It contains 14 different strains of bacteria, most of which have been studied and help the digestive system.

Below is a specific B vitamin that aids digestive health and is Vitamin B-12. Vitamin B-12 is a crucial nutrient that guarantees the proper functioning of the body. When consumers are low on vitamins, not only energy and mood are affected, but also the digestive tract. In particular, a lack of vitamin B12 covers a lack of red blood cells, which leads to the low oxygen content in the intestine. If consumers have issues like diarrhea, headache, or nausea, this may be a reason.

Although Synbiotic 365 Advanced Formula comprises prebiotics and probiotics in addition to B vitamins, consumers should also consider whole foods. No supplement can help you by any means if you don’t follow a healthy lifestyle. Practicing a healthy lifestyle is extremely important if you wish to get the best results from this product. Also, regular exercise plays a vital role in the results delivered.

Are you looking for permanent relief from bloating and other embarrassing digestive problems? If you answer yes, one thing is almost certain that the Synbiotic 365 digestive health supplement is for you.

You will find that if your gut flora is out of balance, you may be a sufferer of a constant desire for food that you cannot resist. Also, studies have shown that the health of your gut affects the health of virtually all other body parts and systems.

The Conclusion

For those suffering from severe digestive problems, taking a risk with a product that has widely varying reviews can be risky. There have been positive reviews of the product’s benefits, but there have also been complaints about the product not working, refund issues, and the possibility of delivery delays. It is necessary to know that the results of any supplement you use depend on your own efforts and the body structure.

It is also necessary to consult a doctor before using any supplement. The Synbiotic 365 is no different. Please, consult your doctor at least once before trying this supplement. Though the supplement is free from the side effects, the overdose can give some undesired reactions.

Also, it is necessary to know that if the ingredients used in the preparation of the Synbiotic 365 are good for your body or not? Thus, your doctor can advise you the best.

Rest, the Synbiotic 365 has been one of the best supplements that have delivered as per promise. The use of each and every ingredient used in the preparation formula of the supplement is completely justified. This supplement has been helping millions of customers to get rid of their embarrassing issues like constipation, digestive problems, etc.

Also, the price of the Synbiotic 365 digestive supplement is moderate as compared to various supplements available in the market. The money-back-guarantee adds cherry to the cake. Thus, if you are the person who is striving to make the digestive process smoother, or if you are trying to get rid of various digestive issues, the Synbiotic 365 is purely for you. Give a try, and it’s a promise that you won’t regret by any means.

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