How To Buy?

Synbiotic 365 is an extremely high-quality probiotic that can ease issues like gas and various other uncomfortable digestive problems. This product can aid to balance your intestinal flora and banish cravings that make you overeat. The supplement is accompanied by probiotics and prebiotics. The product uses only organic ingredients and is extremely rich in Vitamin B.

Purchase Synbiotic 365 

Synbiotic 365 can be acquired from the United Naturals official website. You could also purchase it from Amazon and eBay so you can find and order the product online.

Each box comprises of 30 tablets and is to be consumed every day. It should take about a month to complete the box.

If you wish to purchase the supplement, there are 3 options available for the same:

1 box costs you $ 45

3 boxes costs you $ 119 ($ 39.67 / box, $ 15.99 savings)

6 boxes costs you $ 229 ($ 38.17 / box, $ 20.50 savings)

Larger order options certainly make a difference for those who have had positive results and wish to continue using the product. It’s perfectly possible to order a six-month delivery if you’re satisfied with the Synbiotic 365 and save money on such a large order. However, you are quite skeptical about buying the product on eBay as it may not be a verified product and United Naturals may not have a refund available.

Synbiotic 365 Money-Back Guarantee

If you have tried and you and are not satisfied with the Synbiotic 365 product, you can purchase the same. United Naturals provides a 60-day money-back guarantee. Refund policy is always salutary, especially if you are using a supplement because you never know how your body will react to the same.

Always go through the terms of the Synbiotic 365 Refund Policy to ensure you are qualified for a refund. In one of the complaints mentioned, the customer was not entitled to a refund because he had not delivered the original packaging in which the pills had arrived. Also, make sure you are within this 60-day period and are ready to show your proof of purchase.